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Sikker og ikke-giftig måde at tilsætte en mild duft til dit vasketøj - miljøvenlig rengøringsmidler

Refresh your clothes with peace of mind

Safe and non-toxic way to add a mild fragrance to your laundry

Fabric softener is for many a bad choice, as most fabric softeners contain perfume for a lovely scent, but it is also the perfume that can cause allergies. At Simple Goods we use a Laundry Tonic which is made from natural and organic essential oils. Simply spray a few drops of Simple Goods Laundry Tonic into your laundry or into the washing machine with your freshly washed laundry. If you just want a mild fragrance, you can spray a few drops on our Dryer Balls and dry the clothes with them. Our Dryer Balls and Laundry Tonic leave your freshly washed laundry silky soft, fragrant without the worry of harsh chemicals.

Protect the color and texture of your clothes

Discover a wonderful scent for the dryer by using our Dryer Balls and Laundry Tonic. Our Dryer Balls are made from the finest and purest New Zealand wool and are a natural and environmentally sound choice over fabric softener. Simple Goods Dryer Balls also reduce the drying time in the tumbler by up to 30%, it can help to protect the color and structure of your clothes because they need to be dried in less time, at the same time they feel soft, counteract static electricity and reduce wrinkled clothes , making it the perfect choice if you want to keep your clothes looking as good as possible.

Make clothes look fresh and feel fresh

Our natural and eco-friendly choice over fabric softener helps keep your clothes fresh and delicious. Our Laundry Tonic and Dryer Balls add a gentle and natural scent to your clothes, while giving them a soft and luxurious feel. They are perfect choices to make your clothes look and feel their best.

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