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 Sådan rengør du dit toilet – Tips og tricks

How to clean your toilet - Tips and tricks

Cleaning the toilet

Cleaning the toilet is not always a nice thing to do. It can be an annoying and dirty task to take care of, but having a clean and fresh toilet is important to maintain good hygiene in the bathroom. With a few simple steps you can easily and quickly clean your toilet, in this blog post we will give you tips and tricks to make it more pleasant and efficient.

Use the right toilet cleaner

When choosing a toilet cleaner, make sure that it is suitable for use in toilets and that it is effective. Try to find one that removes stains, kills bacteria and smells good. This makes cleaning easier and gives you a better result. Discover our environmentally friendly toilet cleaner here .

Next, pour an appropriate amount of toilet cleaner into the basin and let it sit for a while before you start brushing and scrubbing.

Use a good cleaning agent

Use a good cleaning agent. In addition to the specific toilet cleaner, you can also use a good universal cleaner or a bathroom cleaner to remove dirt and limescale deposits around the flush button, the floor and the walls. Use a sponge or cloth to wipe the surface thoroughly.

Check the water tank

The water tank in your toilet may also need cleaning. You can remove scale and rust deposits in the tank by adding vinegar or citric acid to the water in the tank and letting it sit for a while. Rinse afterwards with clean water.

Finish the cleaning with a good air freshener

After you've cleaned your toilet thoroughly, finish by spritzing a fresh-smelling air freshener on the area. This will leave your toilet with a nice and fresh scent.

Cleaning the toilet doesn't have to be an annoying chore if you follow these steps to make it more comfortable and efficient. Make sure you have the right cleaning agents, empty the basin before you start cleaning and check the water tank too. By taking these steps, you not only make cleaning easier, but also ensure that it is done properly. Do a good cleaning once a week so that your toilet is always nice to look at and smells fresh.

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