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Sådan transformerer du dit hjem til et hotel - Simple Goods

How to transform your home into a hotel

Do you also need to get away from everyday life and experience something new, but don't have the time or finances to go on holiday? Then you can easily and quickly transform your home into a hotel room in just 30 minutes. We want to give you inspiration and tips on how you can create a luxurious atmosphere at home, so that you can enjoy an evening of relaxation.

1. Create a cozy atmosphere

The first step towards creating a real hotel room is to create a cozy atmosphere. Light candles, turn off the large light sources and put on some quiet music in the background. Use different textiles such as cushions, throws and rugs to create a soft and inviting atmosphere.

2. Clean the room

Nobody wants to stay in a dirty hotel room – the same applies at home. Clean the room before the transformation begins, so you avoid annoying dust flakes or zero men under the bed. A clean atmosphere also provides more space to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Find our cleaning products here

3. Decorate with flowers

Flowers always add a little extra zest to the decor, whether it's in a hotel room or at home. Decorate with a bouquet of fresh flowers on the bedside table or on the windowsill - it instantly gives a feeling of well-being and luxury.

4. Treat yourself to some pampering

Pampering belongs when you are in a hotel! Make sure you have some goodies standing out, such as chocolate, snacks or drinks. It may also be a good idea to put out some bathrobes and slippers so that you can get the full hotel experience.

5. Create a spa-like bathroom

The last step towards creating your own hotel room is to provide a nice bathroom. Light some scented candles, let the bath run and play some soothing music in the background. Make a face mask or take a long bath - it's your night! Discover everything for the bathroom here

Create a spa experience at home

Transforming your home into a hotel in 30 minutes doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming – small details can make a big difference! With the above tips, you can easily and quickly create a luxurious atmosphere at home, so that you can enjoy an evening of relaxation without having to leave your own home. Allow yourself to completely relax and enjoy your mini-vacation!

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