Our scent

Fragrance created from 100 % natural and organic essential oils

We love sophisticated and stimulating fragrance and that is a key element in our Simple Goods concept. For us the choice is easy. We use natural and organic essential oils found in nature and would never  use inactive, synthetic fragrances produced in a laboratory. Let us tell you why.

For centuries natural essential oils have been used for medicinal and health purposes to kill bacteria, viruses and fungus. They also positively affect our state of mind and promote harmony, balance, energy, focus and relaxation. Because of these stimulating properties, essential oils are also popular within aromatherapy and natural medicine treatment.

Our fragrances are made of natural and organic essential oils produced from pure essences found in a wide range of medicinal plants, berries, flowers, herbs, roots and trees.

All our oils are carefully selected for their unique scent and positive effect on our health.  The result from our mix is elegant, unexpected and sophisticated fragrances proven to have a powerful effect on your well-being.

While cleaning your house you can enjoy the calming and uplifting effect from these unique combinations of essential oils.