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6 Hacks for the bathroom


6 Hacks for the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most used places in your home. It is also a room where dirt and bacteria easily accumulate due to the high humidity. It is important to keep your bathroom clean and fresh. We have collected 6 hacks that can help you achieve this.

1. Keeps your bin fresh

You can use Simple Goods Laundry Tonic to keep your bin fresh. How to do it: Spray a cotton ball with our Laundry Tonic and place it at the bottom of the bin. In this way, your bin will remain odor-free and fresh for longer.

2. Clean your toilet brush

The toilet brush is one of the most germ-filled tools in the bathroom, and it's easy to ignore its cleaning. But with Simple Goods Toilet Cleaner you can easily maintain the cleanliness of your brush. Pour a little of the product directly into the container to keep the toilet brush clean and fragrant.

3. Keep your bathroom smelling good

Simple Goods Laundry Tonic can also be used to keep your bathroom smelling good. Spray the product into the toilet rolls and you will smell the lovely scent every time you use toilet paper.

4. Remove stubborn limescale

Limescale can easily accumulate on bathroom fixtures and is difficult to remove. But with Simple Goods Anti Lime and paper towel, you can easily remove stubborn lime. Wet some paper towel with the anti-limescale solution and wrap it around your fittings. Let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe off with a dry cloth.

5. Clean your shower stall

The shower niche can easily collect old soap scum and grease, and it can be hard to get it clean. But with Simple Goods dishwashing soap, you can easily dissolve grease and dirt and get a clean shower niche. Using a cloth, rub the soap on the problem areas, let it sit for a minute and then rinse with water.

6. Clean your floor

Simple Goods All Purpose Cleaner is great for cleaning your bathroom floor. The product delivers a clean and shiny result, and the probiotic formula works for several days to eliminate unwanted bacteria. Use the product on the floor in your bathroom for a clean, fresh and bacteria-free experience.

These simple hacks with Simple Goods products can help you maintain a clean and fresh bathroom. With Simple Goods you can easily achieve a clean, fresh and bacteria-free bathroom.