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Everything for the dishes

When it comes to taking care of the dishes, it's time to think efficiently and sustainably. Our modern lifestyle means we should consider our choices and their impact on the environment. We'll explore how you can make your dishwashing routine more sustainable with some great products. From probiotic dish soap to organic tea towels – we cover everything you need to have clean and environmentally friendly dishes.

Probiotic Dishwashing Soap

What is probiotic dish soap?

Probiotic dish soap is an innovative solution that uses good bacteria to clean your plates and glasses. Unlike regular dishwashing detergents, which can contain harmful chemicals, probiotic soaps work naturally to break down food residue and grease.

Benefits of probiotic dish soap

One of the biggest advantages of probiotic dish soap is that the soap does not contain harsh chemicals, which means that it is gentle on both your hands and nature. It also leaves no harmful residue on your plates.

How to use probiotic dish soap?

It's as simple as using regular dish soap. Add a small amount to your dishwashing brush or sponge and wash as usual. After use, you will discover how clean and fresh your tableware feels.

Simple Goods Dish Brush

Introduction to the Simple Goods dishwashing brush

Simple Goods' dish brush is designed with sustainability in mind. Made from natural materials, this brush is not only effective but also friendly to the environment.

Materials and design

The handle is made of beech wood and the dish brush with horse hair. This makes it biodegradable and free of plastic, helping to reduce waste.

User experience

Many people find that the Simple Goods dishwashing brush is both durable and effective. It protects your plates and glasses while effectively removing dirt and food residues.

Washing-up brush with horsehair

Why choose a washing-up brush with horsehair?

Horse hair is known for its softness and durability. A washing-up brush with horsehair is therefore ideal for finer dishes and glasses, where gentleness is important.

Advantages of horsehair brushes

Horsehair brushes are naturally antibacterial and odor resistant. In addition, they last longer than synthetic brushes, making them a sustainable choice.

Care and maintenance

To extend the life of your horsehair dishwashing brush, rinse thoroughly after use and allow to dry naturally. Avoid leaving it in water as this can damage the wooden shaft.

Holder for washing-up liquid

Keep your kitchen worktop clean

A dishwashing liquid holder is a practical solution for keeping your kitchen organized. It holds washing-up liquid and brush in place, helping to keep your worktop clean and tidy.

Materials and design

Choose a holder that is durable. Many holders come with drainage holes that prevent water from pooling, keeping your gear dry.

How to choose the right holder

Consider the size and layout of your kitchen when choosing a holder. A compact model may be ideal for small kitchens, while a larger holder with more compartments may be practical for families.

Brass Mushrooms

What are brass mushrooms?

Brass sponges are a great alternative to traditional steel wool sponges. They are made of fine brass threads that effectively remove stuck-on food without scratching surfaces.

Advantages of brass sponges

In addition to being gentle on your pots and pans, brass sponges are also long-lasting. They do not rust and can be used for a long time, reducing the need for frequent replacement.

Use and maintenance

Use brass sponges to clean everything from pots and pans to ovens and grills. After use, rinse them thoroughly and let them dry. They can also be boiled in water to remove bacteria and odor.

Organic tea towels

Why choose organic tea towels?

Organic tea towels are made from natural materials without the use of harmful chemicals. They are both environmentally friendly and gentle on your skin.

Advantages of organic tea towels

These tea towels are super absorbent and durable. They can be washed again and again without losing their effectiveness, making them a sustainable choice.

Tips for the care of tea towels

Wash your tea towels in cold water and avoid using bleach to extend their life. Hang them to dry to preserve their natural fibers.

Waffled dishcloths

What are Waffled Dish Cloths?

Waffled dishcloths are known for their unique texture, which makes them extra absorbent and quick drying. They are perfect for wiping up spills and cleaning surfaces in your kitchen.

Advantages of waffled dishcloths

Thanks to their texture, waffled dishcloths can absorb large amounts of liquid and dry quickly, preventing bacterial growth. They are also soft and gentle on your hands.

Use and maintenance

Use waffled dishcloths for daily cleaning in the kitchen. Wash them regularly to keep them fresh and germ-free. They can also be boiled to remove any remaining bacteria.

Bottle cleaner

Why use a bottle cleaner?

A bottle cleaner is an indispensable tool for cleaning narrow bottles and containers where ordinary brushes cannot reach. They are designed to get into all corners and clean thoroughly.

Types of bottle cleaners

Bottle cleaners come in different shapes and sizes to fit different types of bottles. Some are flexible, while others have harder bristles to remove stuck-on food.

Use and maintenance

Use the bottle cleaner with a little dish soap and warm water to thoroughly clean your bottles. Rinse well after use and allow to dry to prevent bacterial growth.


Choosing sustainable products for your dishes is a simple and effective way to make a difference. By integrating products such as probiotic dish soap, Simple Goods dish brush, and organic tea towels, you can take steps towards a greener future.

Together we can create a cleaner and more sustainable world, one dish at a time.

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