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Recycle your spray bottle over and over again

Did you know that there is more than 80% water in most cleaning products? Imagine a refill solution where you can use your bottles again and again, while saving CO2 emissions by reducing the use of plastic and minimizing the transport of water.

We have come up with a simple solution – our Simple Goods Refill System:

First, pour 450 ml of lukewarm water into the spray bottle. See the marking on the label.
Pour half of the contents of the small 100 ml bottle of Refill Bathroom Cleaner into the spray bottle.
Apply spray and shake well.

Your cleaning product is now ready for use.

Simple Goods opvaskesæbe havtorn er fremstillet af naturlige og økologiske ingredienser og tilsat naturens gode bakterier – Probiotika.

Sustainable materials

We believe in sustainability and are proud to offer refills that are made from sustainable materials. Our refills are free of harsh chemicals and are designed to be gentle on your surfaces, so you get the perfect clean every time. We believe in cleaning that does not come at the expense of your health or the environment.


Reduce, reuse and recycle with our sustainable refills

Easy refill

Simple Goods Refill is easy to use and requires minimal effort when it comes to refilling. Our refillers can be easily refilled and used again and again, saving you time and money while reducing waste.