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Simple Goods


"We were established based on a desire and a rock-solid belief that it is possible to do better."

– Simple Goods

Our mission is to offer cleaning products that not only remove dirt and grime, but also protect our health and the environment around us. We believe that it should not be necessary to have to choose between health and performance in our cleaning products. That is why we focus on creating environmentally friendly cleaning agents with the same or higher performance than traditional agents. We also ensure that our ingredients are sustainable and organic.

With us you will find a variety of products that meet different cleaning needs in your home. Everything from surface sprays, toilet cleaners to washing-up liquid created to remove dirt. Our products do not contain any dangerous chemicals. Instead, we use natural ingredients such as probiotics, which effectively kill bacteria and odors.

We know that it is important to trust the products we use in our homes. With our natural and sustainable ingredients, we fight bacteria and dirt without causing allergies or damage to the environment. We believe protecting our health and the planet is more than just a coincidence. It is a choice that we are happy to help you make.


Not tested on animals

Natural ingredients



Recycled plastic


All our packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic. It has approximately a 70% lower CO2 footprint than if we use newly produced plastic.

Responsible ingredients

Our fragrances are made from 100% natural and organic essential oils of high quality. They are pure essences extracted from a wide variety of medicinal plants, berries, flowers, herbs, roots and bark.



Make a difference with us. Together we can reduce our environmental impact by refilling our bottles.

Clean with a green conscience

All Purpose Cleaner Geranium 500 ml - Naturlige og økologiske ingredienser - miljøvenlig rengøring - probiotika

All our accessories are carefully selected according to the principles of sustainability, long-term durability and natural components.

Our partners are carefully selected and the majority of our products are produced according to environmentally friendly certifications and principles such as EcoCert, Indoor Air-Controlled and Fair Trade.

We therefore set ourselves the goal of developing our own brand of trustworthy, responsible, sustainable and natural cleaning products.

We make our cleaning products from mild, natural and plant-based ingredients.