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Bottles made from bottles and bottles made from plants

Our packaging concept has been developed with a strategy to reduce the use of newly produced plastic (made from oil and gas), reduce unnecessary transport of water and encourage both waste sorting and recycling of plastic bottles.

All Simple Goods bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. It has approximately a 70% lower CO2 footprint than if we use newly produced plastic.

Our Toilet Clean bottles are made from 100% bioplastic. Which is produced from CO2 neutral sources of organic biomass such as sugar cane, straw and grain. Unlike oil, biomass is a renewable resource.

Our unique Simple Goods Refill system ensures that our spray bottles can be reused again and reduces unnecessary transport of water.


Plastic is often highlighted as something that is not good. The fact is, however, that plastic is in many cases a very good packaging solution. If we all sort our waste, plastic can in many cases be the best sustainable alternative.

Sorting waste and recycling plastic is important and the only way to transform the empty bottles into new energy, new packaging or other products. Our 100% recycled plastic, bioplastic, sprayers, pumps and lids are all reusable and can be placed in your plastic container.

We very much hope that you will contribute to our strategy and pay extra attention to recycling our Simple Goods packaging and making sure to sort the bottles you throw away.