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De typiske rengøringsfejl, du bør undgå - Simple Goods - Miljøvenlige rengøringsmidler

The typical cleaning mistakes you should avoid

Cleaning is an important task in any home as it not only improves hygiene but also improves the appearance of the home. But many people make some typical mistakes that are often overlooked when cleaning their homes. These overlooked cleaning mistakes can lead to serious health problems or even damage to furniture and other valuables. Therefore, in this blog post we will discuss the typical cleaning mistakes you should avoid.

Lack of fresh air

One of the most common cleaning mistakes people make is not taking ventilation into account when cleaning the home. The lack of fresh air can mean cleaning products don't dry properly, and harmful chemicals can still be floating around in the air long after they've been used. It can lead to serious health and respiratory problems, so be sure to ventilate when cleaning or use natural cleaning products that are good for you and the environment. At Simple Goods, environmentally friendly cleaning products are not only made from good and natural ingredients, but they are effective and easily remove dirt and grime. Discover more here .

Uses the same cloth or sponge

Another common mistake is to use the same cloth or sponge for all cleaning. Make sure to keep cloths and sponges for different areas separate to avoid spreading bacteria. Use e.g. a color coding to separate cloths and sponges for different tasks, such as bathroom cleaning and kitchen cleaning .

Ignore dirt and grime in corners and crevices

Another typical mistake is to ignore dirt and grime in corners and crevices when cleaning. The dirt and grime that accumulates over time and can ultimately worsen the airways or cause damage to furniture and carpets. So be sure to vacuum regularly and use a damp cloth to clean corners and crevices.

See our selection of natural cleaning products here .

Overload furniture and damage floors

Another frequent mistake that is often overlooked is overloading furniture and damaging floors when moving items around during the cleaning process. Be sure to remove heavy furniture or other large objects before cleaning and avoid dragging or pushing things across the floor, as this can cause wear and tear on wooden floors.

The typical cleaning mistakes you should avoid - Simple Goods - Eco-friendly cleaning products

Does not take into account special cleaning instructions

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes people make is ignoring special cleaning instructions on furniture, surfaces, floors and carpets. If in doubt, always read directions before cleaning your home to avoid damaging furniture and other valuables. Always use the recommended cleaning techniques and instructions to protect your furniture and floors.

Avoiding these common cleaning mistakes can save you trouble and a lot of headaches while cleaning your home. By developing good cleaning habits that take these factors into account, you can prevent anything from getting ruined. So do yourself and your home a favor by avoiding these typical cleaning mistakes.

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