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Efterårsrengøring af haven

Autumn cleaning of the garden

Summer is over, and unfortunately that also means that the garden must be prepared for winter and the coming season. But it can be difficult to know what to do when you have to do an autumn cleaning in the garden. Therefore, we have collected here some of the most important tasks that you should tackle in autumn to ensure an autumn and winter-ready garden.

Pruning of bushes and trees

One of the most important tasks you should tackle in autumn is pruning bushes and trees in the garden. When they have dropped leaves, you can better see which branches need to be removed or pruned.

Remove the weeds

Weeds germinate and grow quickly, and it is important to remove them before winter sets in. Weed plants use the nutrients from the soil that would otherwise have gone to the plants you want to grow. Take a walk in the garden with weeding tools and the compost bag and get all the weeds removed.

Prune perennials

Perennials are usually hardy plants, but it is a good idea to prune them in autumn. It will allow them to gather strength and health for next season. Cut off the wilted leaves of the perennials and prune them if necessary.

Clean and tidy up the garden tools

After a season of gardening, the garden tools and garden furniture may well need some loving treatment. The garden tools are also used extensively throughout the year. Make sure to clean them thoroughly with an All Purpose Cleaner so that they are ready for use again in the spring. Store the garden tools in a dry place and lubricate them with a little oil to prevent rust.

Clean the terrace

The terrace is a central place in the garden where you can relax and enjoy the garden. However, during the summer there is probably spilled and left food and drink on the terrace. Use an All Purpose Cleaner or Universal cleaning to clean the patio so that it will be ready for next year. An all purpose cleaner can be used for cleaning wood, tiles and concrete and leaves a clean and shiny surface.

Give the lawn a final spin

Before winter sets in, give the lawn one last go. This means that you prepare the lawn for winter. Cut the grass a little shorter so there isn't as much to pick up when the snow falls. You can also put some fertilizer on the grass so it can develop in the cold winter.

A good autumn cleaning is essential if you want a healthy and winter-ready garden. Pruning, removing weeds and cleaning the garden tools are just some of the important tasks that you should tackle. Make sure you take your time so that you can be sure that the garden will get through the autumn and winter in the best possible way. We hope this guide has been useful to you and we wish you the best of luck with your gardening!

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