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Sådan får du dit vasketøj til at dufte godt med laundry tonic- Simple Goods

How to make your laundry smell good

Keeping your laundry fresh and clean can be a challenge. But don't worry, there's an easy way to make your clothes smell better and help them stay smelling great. With a fragrance for tumble dryers and washing machines, you can ensure that all your bedding or clothing comes out smelling fresh every time - without the need for flower rinse and harsh chemicals. Read on to find out exactly how this natural solution works and why it should be in everyone's washing routine.

Fragrance for the tumble dryer and the washing machine

Laundry may not be the most exciting task, but it is also one of the most essential. And even though the washing machine or dryer does a good job of cleaning and drying our clothes, sometimes it fails to leave them smelling fresh and clean. Using a laundry tonic not only helps to remove bad odors, but also adds a pleasant and fresh scent to your laundry.

Add a few drops of our laundry tonic made from essential oils (such as lavender) to your washing machine or dryer. When you are ready to wash clothes, spray the toner lightly on your clothes before washing and enjoy the lovely scent that comes from your clothes when they come out of the washing machine. You can also use a laundry tonic as a dryer scent. Spray 4-6 spritzes on your Simple Goods drying balls or on a cloth and put it in the clothes in the tumbler. Say goodbye to lackluster washing days and hello to a fresh, refreshing washing experience with washing tonic.

This is how you make your laundry smell good with laundry tonic - Simple Goods

Laundry Tonic made from natural and organic essential oils

What more can be said than that it is possible to make your laundry smell fantastic with laundry tonic ! It doesn't cost the earth, and leaves you with clean, fresh and fragrant laundry in no time! Who knew how easy it was to make your laundry smell amazing without expensive detergents or fabric softeners? A laundry tonic is a perfect way to add fragrance to the dryer and washing machine. S imple Goods laundry tonic adds an extra layer of comfort knowing it's made from natural ingredients. 

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