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5 rengøringsfejl du laver

5 cleaning mistakes you are making

Correct these common mistakes when cleaning and become a true cleaning hero.

Cleaning windows in the sunshine

Most of us have learned that the windows should be cleaned in the sunshine - but it's actually just the opposite. The hot direct sunlight causes the glass cleaner to evaporate faster and it produces ugly streaks. Therefore, always plaster windows when there is no direct sunlight or when on a cloudy day.

Rinse your dishes

It's a bit like cleaning before you get a visit from a cleaning assistant (except that your plates don't judge you, of course). Rinsing off plates before you put them in the dishwasher just creates more work. This is because the machine is tricked into thinking that they are cleaner than they are, so that it does not clean as effectively.

So you just have to scrape off your food scraps thoroughly and put them directly in the dishwasher. But remember never to overfill your dishwasher, as this prevents the water from circulating freely.

In addition, you use a lot of water completely unnecessarily.

Do not let the toilet brush dry

Do you put the toilet brush back as soon as you have cleaned the toilet bowl? The wet environment forms the perfect breeding ground for bacteria! A good trick is therefore to put the handle in tension between the toilet seat and let it air dry before you put it back

Uses disinfectant cleaners rather than probiotics

The vast majority of the cleaning agents we use are disinfectants. They kill 99.9% of bacteria. The only problem is that the remaining 0.1% doubles in 20 minutes - and so it goes on. Therefore, after a day's time, it will be teeming with bacteria again. If you use probiotic cleaning agents, such as ours, the surfaces will remain clean for 5-7 days. This creates a microbiological surface where the good bacteria break down the bad. In addition, it is completely natural and without harmful chemicals.

Does not wash your washing machine

Yes, you actually have to wash your washing machine. It removes bad odors and extends the service life. The most effective method is by using probiotic cleaning agent. As the good bacteria will settle in all the holes and crevices that it is otherwise impossible to get to. Here, the probiotics will break down the bad bacteria that cause dirt and bad smell

In addition, you must always leave the door open when you have washed a machine. It keeps the seals in good condition and circulates air around, so bad mold and bad odors are reduced.

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