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Forårsrengøring - tips og tricks

Tips for spring cleaning

The days have gotten longer and the light has returned - and that reveals EVERYTHING! Therefore, it is time for the traditional round of spring cleaning.

However, cleaning the whole house thoroughly can seem very overwhelming and exhausting. Therefore, here you will get our best tips on how to get through spring cleaning.


The most manageable way to get through spring cleaning is to focus on one room at a time. If you really want to break even, it's not good to start too many projects at the same time.

Go lightly over the areas that you clean often - and focus more on the areas that have really been neglected over the winter.


One of the main purposes of spring cleaning is to get rid of all your things. It is also the task that is the most time-consuming - and perhaps also the one that is hardest on the head. Many people find it difficult to throw things away and keep a lot of useless things. There, it is a good idea to sort your things into four categories:

  • Throw away
  • Give away or sell
  • Store away
  • Organize


You can pack away the winter and get ready for a change of season. First of all, you must have put away winter things such as clothes, shoes and bedding. Get your spring things out. It provides a breath of fresh air.

It is also a good idea to get started on some of the outdoor chores such as cleaning external windows, the terrace and entrance areas.


If you need cleaning agents for spring cleaning, keep it to a minimum. A myriad of cleaning products for this and that just makes more mess, and mostly unnecessary. Therefore, go for a good all-purpose cleaner and good dishcloths , as these cover the vast majority of needs.


Drop " it's easiest if I just do it myself ". Instead, make spring cleaning a fun family event. Even the little ones can be excellent helpers. Find some age-appropriate tasks so that everyone feels included. Put some cool music on in the meantime and plan a reward for the household as an extra incentive to take action.


Yes Yes. You know it's a good idea to take it a little at a time. But now that you've finally got to the bottom of it, it's a good idea to incorporate some new cleaning routines to keep the mess down. Take 10-15 minutes of effective cleaning every day after you have finished the big main cleaning.

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